CBRI seed funding scheme

This rolling scheme offers up to $20,000 for cross-disciplinary research.

The Hallmark Computational Biology Research Initiative (CBRI) has just opened their seed funding scheme on a rolling basis. There is no closing date, and applications will be assessed on a monthly basis.

Please note that applicants are strongly advised to discuss their proposals with a CBRI steering committee member prior to application, to maximise the opportunity for funding.

Applications are sought to support the following activities:

  • Collaborative early career researcher (ECR) Seed Funding for "blue-sky" projects, which may include a senior investigator as mentor.
  • Research-enabling activities, such as seminars, workshops, etc. that benefit the wider computational biology community at the University of Melbourne.
  • Travel funding for visiting academics in areas relevant to planned workshops or theme areas, with matched funds from host department/faculty/school or other sponsors.
  • Funding to support development of new industry partnerships with evidence of strong research potential.
  • Funding to progress existing industry partnerships (50/50 matched funding from an industry partner).
  • Employment of Research/Technical Assistant(s) to facilitate a computational biology project.
  • Modest expenses for technology, equipment usage or consumables (in preparation of preliminary data, for example) that are otherwise difficult to fund.

For further details (including funding rules and application forms), please see the CBRI seed funding announcement.