Iyad Rahwan visits Melbourne

Iyad Rahwan met with DSSRN members before giving his CIS seminar.

Prior to giving a seminar (Urban factors associated with resilience to job displacement from automation) in Computing and Information Systems, Iyad was kind enough to devote a significant chunk of his morning to meet with us and discuss common research interests, from urban mobility and design to resilience and health outcomes.

Martin Tomko, Mark Stevenson and Jodie Mcvernon speaking with Iyad in the Visual Cultures Resource Centre

Iyad completed his PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2004, and is now the AT&T Career Development Professor and an Associate Professor of Media Arts & Sciences at the MIT Media Lab and an affiliate faculty at the MIT Institute of Data, Systems and Society. His career path has been somewhat unorthodox, and it was fascinating to have the opportunity to sit across the table from him and hear how he came to arrive at his current position, coming originally from Computer Science and now calling himself a Social Scientist.

We would like to thank the Visual Cultures Resource Centre for providing such a pleasant environment in which to meet, and for the (unfortunately all to rare) experience of being surrounded by shelf upon shelf of books.