MSoG Labs: How research works in other disciplines

Melbourne School of Government (MSoG) is launching MSoG Labs, a university-wide initiative that aims to build transdisciplinary research ability.

This morning, Suneel and Rob participated in the first MSoG Lab workshop: Introduction to MSoG Labs / How research works in other disciplines, organised by Sara Bice and Kate Neely. This comprised a series of activities, from brainstorming activities about the Theory of Change to undertaking a SWOT analysis of the assembled transdisciplinary teams.

In between these activities was a series of guest presentations. As invited speakers, Suneel and Rob introduced themselves, spoke about their areas of research, and concluded by introducing DSSRN and advertising our upcoming launch event. As you can see from the photo below, only Suneel had the presence of mind to capture photographic evidence.

Rob introduces himself at the MSoG Lab

This workshop is the first in a series of five labs and workshops that encompass two separate projects: Digital Infrastructure and Energy Transitions. We're excited to participate for a number of reasons, such as the exposure to great assembly of diverse researchers and organisations, the opportunity to work on real policy problems, and the lessons we can learn and apply to future DSSRN activities!