Researcher@Library Week

The Library is showcasing how they can help support your research, August 22-26.

Later this month, the Library will be showcasing the many ways that they can help support your research activities! August 22-26 is Researcher@Library week, and comprises many activities on campus, off campus, and online. Graduate researchers even have the chance to win a $1,000 prize for the best ePoster!

As bizarre as it may sound, one of the fundamental challenges for conducting cross-disciplinary (inter-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary) research is being able to measure productivity and research outputs! Thankfully, the Library can help teach us how to measure and report on these kinds of collaborations, via events such as:

There are many other interesting events in the program, including It's all about the data (10am, Tuesday 23 August), which will see Peter Neish from Digital Scholarship (and one of our affiliated researchers) and Jared Winton from VicNode talk about storing, wrangling and sharing data. Another affiliated researcher, Arif Jubaer from the Social & Cultural Informatics Platform (SCIP), is one of several presenters who will discuss how to Visualise your data (1pm, Thursday 25 August).

Please check out the complete program for further details!