Workshop: Release of Medicare and PBS claims data - 7 Sep 2016

The Commonwealth has released ~1 billion lines of historical health data

On 1 August 2016, the Department of Health released approximately 1 billion lines of de-identified historical health data relating to approximately 3 million Australians on (~80 GB), comprising linkable, individual Medicare data (from 1984) and PBS data (from 2003) for a random 10% sample of Australians:

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an overview of these data, to discuss the best ways to promote the use of this data, and to look at potential gains from approaching it in a collaborative and co-ordinated manner across the University.

Venue: Lecture Theatre 1 (B103), Level B1, 207 Bouverie St (map).

Time: 11am-12:00pm, Wednesday 7 September

Presented by:

Prof Philip Clarke, Centre for Health Policy, has more than a decade experience in analyzing linked MBS/ PBS data.  He will provide an overview including potential research opportunities and pitfalls.

Allan Eades, Project Manager Research Information Technology Unit (HaBIC R2), will discuss the scope for improving access and analysis by using universities computing facilities.