DSSRN Launch Event

DSSRN Launch Event

The DSSRN Launch Event will be held on Wednesday 14 September, 2016, to coincide with International Data Week and SciDataCon 2016.

Why attend?

This event will bring together RHD students, academics and support staff from across the University working in areas of big data, data science and informatics, and will provide exciting opportunities for:

  • Forming new interdisciplinary collaborations;
  • Discovering a huge range of available data sets and tools; and
  • Defining a research agenda for building University capacities in these areas.

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DSSRN highlights data infrastructure and analytic capabilities, the context and framing of meaning in the data, and the theoretical framing of research questions. This network focuses on applications of data to answer research questions, thinking about what kinds of problems we have, and within that a discussion of the possible approaches. What can we learn by sharing knowledge across different research areas?


Our launch event will take place in the Woodward Conference Centre, Level 10, Melbourne Law School.


Coffee and Registration
Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country

Liz Sonenberg
We recognise the valuable and unique status of Aboriginal people as the original owners and custodians of the land and waters of this nation.

Introduction to DSSRN

Jodie McVernon
Why does this research network exist, what are we trying to achieve, and why should you care?

"Sound bite" talks

Speaker profiles
These talks will introduce exciting new challenges, opportunities and capabilities across the University.

Networking and Lunch (from 12:00pm)

Please contribute to this wish list during the day!
We will collaboratively assemble a "wish list" of data techniques, capabilities, and infrastructure. A range of data visualisations, research platforms, and other resources will be on display, highlighting the diverse range of capabilities and activities across the University.

Sprint Session 1: Modelling

There is interest in incorporating modelling into the research process in research domains where there is limited, if any, modelling expertise. Clearly there are fertile opportunities to develop new inter-disciplinary collaborations, what can be done to facilitate this?

Sprint Session 2: Research Data

With the increasing sophistication and ubiquity of data garnering technologies, the quantity, resolution, and scope of data that we can collect is growing at an incredible rate, and many fields that have typically been seen as "data-poor" are now becoming "data-rich". We have a vast amount of expertise in data management, analysis, etc, but much of it is localised within research domains, how can we share this expertise and related resources?

Sprint Session 3: Telling Stories with Data

What kinds of narratives can we shape from our data, and what are the tools and platforms that can enable us to share these stories with expert and non-expert audiences around the world?

Afternoon tea
Capability Mapping

Mark Fallu
What are our current capabilities, where are the gaps, how should we go about addressing them, and how can we best identify new collaborations?  We will highlight topics and themes for future DSSRN events, informed by feedback collected throughout the day, and key aspects of the research agenda for building University capacities.

Please suggest an activity or outcome you'd like us to deliver in the future on the back of your nametag, and you'll enter into the running for a prize!